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Want to Put Less Money Down and Get Lower Interest Rates?

Take Advantage of the SBA 504 Loan With WBD.







Want to Put Less Money Down and Get Lower Interest Rates? Take Advantage of the SBA 504 Loan With WBD.





Newsletter, February 24


Posted: 02/16/24


February's Insights includes EIDL loan servicing tips, a tip of the cap to our newest Elite Lender, a Mission Partner updated and much more.


In 2015, Owen Jones and Richie Bassi acquired Tommy Docks, a Weston, Wisconsin-based manufacturer specializing in high-quality do-it-yourself dock systems and accessories. Despite initial...


EIDL loans have become a hot topic in SBA lending and more and more often we are hearing from lenders that need servicing actions completed on those loans for routine business transactions. The...


WBD is proud to have New North, Inc. as a Mission Partner. New North is a regional marketing and economic development corporation fostering collaboration among private and public sector leaders...


WBD congratulates Eric DeJardine, Vice President at Nicolet National Bank in Sister Bay, WI, who is our newest Elite Lender! Eric has partnered with us on ten or more projects since 2009, which...


Newsletter, January 24


Posted: 01/18/24


January's newsletter shares some great news about the 504 and CRA, we remind readers to see our FY23 Annual Report and introduce a new Elite Lender.


WBD's FY 2023 Annual Report


Posted: 11/20/23


WBD's Annual Report is here and ready for your perusal. You'll find information on our fiscal year financials, job creation efforts, and mission support details as well. Also, this year we...


Newsletter, November 23


Posted: 11/15/23


Our newsletter this month includes an article from Loan Officer, Mark Maurer, a look inside our new Annual Report, and a new mission partner as well. Check it out!


As bankers, you see a lot of different business situations. The key is to recognize how to best position your customers for success. Often businesses growing quickly face a number of challenges...


WBD is excited to partner with Red Letter Grant to support and empower women throughout west central Wisconsin! Our partnership with Red Letter Grant and many other organizations is part of our...


Thank you for attending our Webinar! And if you weren't able to join us, we've got you covered.   In the links below you'll be able to open and download our Webinar presentation and/or view...


Newsletter, October 23


Posted: 10/18/23


October's newsletter offers a look inside our customer survey results and we include an invitation to attend our free Closing Team webinar, and once again congratulate a new Elite Lender.


Newsletter, September 23


Posted: 10/17/23


Check out our September newsletter, which includes an article by WBD Loan Officer Mark Maurer, some great news about our Minnesota service area, and we congratulate a new Elite Lender.


Here is a great opportunity for your bank or credit union's SBA Support Staff and Closing Team!   If you or your lending institution's Closing Team and/or SBA support staff have ever dealt...


Over the past few years appraisals have been causing more than a few problems. Generally, the trend is for appraisals to come in short. As lenders, this can cause some problems. Fortunately, the...


WBD Inc. honors its top lending partners from across Wisconsin, Minnesota and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for their success in helping small business get the financing they need to grow,...


Newsletter, August 23


Posted: 08/16/23


In this month's newsletter, WBD Loan Officer Katie Bowman, provides some expert advice on environmenal reports, and WBD congratulates a new Elite Lender.


WBD Inc. honors its top lending partners from across Wisconsin, Minnesota and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for their success in helping small business get the financing they need to grow,...


While the SBA requires an Environmental Report on all real estate projects, the type of report varies depending on a number of factors. There have been some recent changes, but Partner Engineering...


Newsletter, July 2023


Posted: 07/14/23


July's newsletter includes an Inside Scoop by Mike Dieckman on how the SBA 504 loan can bring some relief to 7(a) borrowers faced with high interest rates. Also included is a mention of our $1...


WBD and the 504 Can Help!


Posted: 07/10/23


Do you know a small business owner who financed their real estate or heavy equipment with an SBA 7(a) guaranteed loan in recent years? Many SBA 7(a) loans are priced at the Prime Rate, plus 2.75%...


Newsletter, May 2023


Posted: 05/17/23


This month our Loan Officer, Tyler Swenson, writes about higher 504 loan limits for manufacturers and Green Energy projects. We're inviting our lenders to join us at this summer's Seminar Series,...


Do you have a borrower that is running up against the SBA exposure limits of $5,000,000? If your borrower is a manufacturer or can meet one of SBA’s Green Public Policy Goals, they can...


Newsletter, April 2023


Posted: 04/14/23


The April WBD Insights newsletter features an Inside Scoop from loan officer Steve Kohl, who offers his knowledge of business and partner buyouts. There are many other updates in this issue,...


We’re Coming to a City Near You in 2023!   WBD’s Seminar Series is headed your way and we hope to see you there! WBD loan officers will provide updates on the 504 program and...


WBD often partners with bankers to work with borrowers who are looking to transition ownership of their small business. Typically, many of these businesses are owned by multiple partners with...


Newsletter, March 2023


Posted: 03/15/23


March's newsletter includes an Inside Scoop from April Nelson, discussing the benefits of the 504 program. We also congratulate a new Elite Lender and award-winning WBD customers, and we're...


Do you have a small business customer who has been leasing space from a third party? Or a startup business who is about to enter into a long term lease? If so, consider discussing with them the...


In the coming weeks and months, there's a good chance you'll be hearing from business owners who will be asking about the SBA 504 loan. That's because we've stepped up our outreach with Wisconsin...


Newsletter, February 2023


Posted: 02/17/23


Our newsletter this month includes an Inside Scoop from Nick Drewsen, as well as a "Thank You" message to our lending partners who enabled us to earn the CDC FY2022 Wisconsin SBA Award.


WBD Inc. honors its top lending partners from across Wisconsin, Minnesota and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for their success in helping small business get the financing they need to grow,...


Every year WBD participates with multiple lenders on complex change of ownership transactions that include the purchase of real estate. In many cases financing is provided in combination with the...


Newsletter, January 2023


Posted: 01/12/23


Our refreshed WBD Insights newsletter introduces The Inside Scoop - an educational series of articles on the SBA 504 written by WBD Loan officers.


WBD Inc. honors its top lending partners from across Wisconsin, Minnesota and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for their success in helping small business get the financing they need to grow,...


Newsletter, December 2022


Posted: 01/04/23


Happy Holidays and New Year from WBD! Thank you for helping WBD have our most productive year in our history!


In today’s economic environment, your lending institution has likely discussed tightening up its credit box, in addition to pursuing deposits due to lingering liquidity concerns. If this is...


Newsletter, November 2022


Posted: 11/30/22


WBD's President Dan Schneider reflects on a successful FY 22, and we honor Joe Wolfe, former President, who made a big impact in WBD's success.


News: WBD Client Community


Posted: 11/22/22


The Five Percent: Managers Who Take Ownership   Managers who take full responsibility with energy, humility, and pride are rare and valuable. They’re essential to success and growth...


Get Connected With Barb LaMue


Posted: 11/16/22


WBD invites you to connect with Barb LaMue, President & CEO of New North, Inc. New North is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, regional marketing and economic development Corporation fostering collaboration...


Newsletter, October 2022


Posted: 10/31/22


Another productive and record-breaking year at WBD, and we look back on our economic development activity both in FY 22 and looking forward. Also, read about the benefit of the 504 program that gives the ability of a buyer to assuming outstanding 504 loans.


Get Connected With Larry Schwenn


Posted: 10/10/22


WBD invites you to connect with a highly respected, experienced and trusted business banker, Larry Schwenn. Larry is the SVP of Commercial Lending at DMB Community Bank, based in the Madison area...


Get Connected With Craig Aderhold


Posted: 10/03/22


WBD invites you to get connected with Craig Aderhold, Market President - Northeast Wisconsin/Lakeshore, Wisconsin Bank and Trust. Craig holds the primary responsibility of leading the...


Newsletter, September 2022


Posted: 09/30/22


A WBD customer, chef and business owner receives a well-deserved and coveted award, see our upcoming events and find out who our new Elite Lender is. Also, our ranking in the list of national CDCs and our region is something we're very proud of, in part thanks to our lending partners.


Newsletter, August 2022


Posted: 08/31/22


This month we take a look at new SBA appraisal rules that allow for up to a ten percent shortfall in appraised value for 504 loans. We also congratulate our newest loan officer, Katie Bowman, and announce the addition of our new Elite Lender.


Get Connected With Tim Schneider


Posted: 08/24/22


WBD invites you to get connected with Tim Schneider, CEO/President - Bank Five Nine.    Tim's extensive banking experience and countless relationships forged during his...


Get Connected With April Nelson


Posted: 08/23/22


We'd like to introduce you to April Nelson, Vice President and Loan Officer at WBD, who is based in Stillwater, Minnesota. She works with bankers and business borrowers in western Wisconsin...


Newsletter, July 2022


Posted: 07/31/22


Thank you for helping make our Seminar Series a success! And check out our many links to our resource pages, including seminar presentations, toolkits and much more.


Newsletter, June 2022


Posted: 06/30/22


There's still plenty of time to register for our Summer Seminar Series! Our Seminars are being held throughout the state this month and we hope to see you there. Also, check out how WBD is staying active on social media and chambers of commerce across Wisconsin and Minnesota.


Newsletter, May 2022


Posted: 05/31/22


WBD announces Seminar Series dates and locations coming up in June. This month's newsletter also includes a congratulations message to our new Elite Lenders, an upcoming event we'll be attending, and a WBD servicing update.


Newsletter, April 2022


Posted: 04/30/22


This month we offer a sneak peek at our upcoming Seminar Series, a refi toolkit reminder, and how we were proud to be recognized by the SBA in receiving an award for the top CDC with the most loan approvals. Also, a congrats to the Wisconsin SBA National Small Business of the Year Award.


Newsletter, March 2022


Posted: 03/31/22


Great news regarding the long-term future of the 504 loan program! President Biden signs a funding bill to increase the 504 loan program Authorization level. We offer a thank you to our 504 refi webinar attendees, and welcome our newest elite lender.


Newsletter, February 2022


Posted: 02/28/22


You're invited to join us for our upcoming March Refi Webinar! Also, we take a look at our local economic development projects, and how our social media audience is growing. Follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn!


Newsletter, January 2022


Posted: 01/31/22


Announcing our upcoming Refi Webinar hosted by our loan officers starting in February, and we invite you to take a look at our FY 21 Annual Report as WBD turns 40. What an amazing 40 years we've had in helping small businesses succeed! And we're excited to introduce our new Loan Officer and Vice President, Mark Maurer.


WBD Now Hiring


Posted: 12/10/20


We are not currently hiring but please check back soon for job openings.


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