4.641% 504 20 year term, January 2018
4.657% 504 10 year term, January 2018

WBD: History & Current Information

About WBD


Wisconsin Business Development Finance Corporation was formed to assist small businesses in gaining access to capital in order to grow their businesses, create jobs and build communities.


The cornerstone of WBD's success is the delivery of the SBA 504 product. Sold nationwide exclusively by not-for-profit Certified Development Companies (CDC), the SBA 504 loan fulfills the U.S. Small Business Administration’s (SBA) public policy objective to support small businesses and create jobs in our communities through long-term, fixed-rate financing.


Since 1981, WBD has helped fund over 2,000 businesses and created nearly 64,000 jobs in Wisconsin and Minnesota. WBD is now consistently one of the top ten most active, of the nearly 250, CDC’s in the country. WBD participates in hundreds of projects each year with Wisconsin lenders and serves as an integral hub in every project.


As a mission based non-profit organization, WBD reinvests its “profits” into other economic development efforts.  Through these efforts WBD has created three affiliate companies (see below) to help fill gaps in the business financing world. 


Effective in mid 2016, Wisconsin Business Development Finance Corporation rebranded itself as WBD -“Your Business Finance Resource” to reflect both a new clearer focus on its mission and role in helping businesses succeed and a service area that has expanded beyond the borders of Wisconsin.


The WBD Advantage Fund


The focus of the Advantage Fund is on helping fund smaller projects utilizing the SBA Community Advantage loan for projects up to $250,000.  With this programs, WBD often targets investments for underserved populations and in distressed communities.  These funds are more flexible in their allowed uses, making them an ideal companion to a 504 loan in certain situations.


The WBD Growth Fund


The WBD Growth Fund raises capital for businesses located in Wisconsin's low income communities. An allocation of $65 million (awarded $30M in 2008 and $35M in 2009) under the New Market Tax Credits Program through the US Department of Treasury allowed the Growth Fund to focus on larger businesses willing to create opportunity and invest in Wisconsin's most underserved areas. This award resulted from WBD's strong track record of successful service to businesses located in both urban and rural areas. New Market Tax Credit loans will target businesses located in low income communities and will improve opportunities available to Wisconsin's workforce.



WBD Service Company


The WBD Service Company, LLC was formed in 2006 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Wisconsin Business Development Finance Corporation. Experienced WBDSC staff assist both internal and external customers with credit underwriting, application processing, and portfolio servicing. WBDSC staff is knowledgeable in a wide range of loan fund programs administered by the U.S. Small Business Administration, U.S. Department of Treasury’s Community Development Financial Institutions Fund, and other agencies.


Building on staff expertise in SBA lending, WBD now also offers custom lender trainings aimed to increase SBA lending knowledge and frequency in its service area.


Additionally the Service Company also assists in underwriting and management of a number of minority chambers and local revolving loan funds.