2.688% and Refi 2.689% 504 - 20 Year Fixed Rate, May 2020
2.761% and Refi 2.763% 504 - 25 Year Fixed Rate, May 2020
2.654% 504 - 10 Year Fixed Rate, May 2020

Existing WBD Borrower


Here's a lot of useful information if you're already a borrower with WBD.


504 Servicing Questions: 1-800-536-6799 or 504servicing@wbd.org

WBD Advantage Fund Servicing - 920-231-5570 or vstone@wbd.org

How do I get a payoff quote?


What is my loan balance?


How much interest did I pay last year?


What about questions regarding insurance on my building or equipment?


Do I need to submit financial information such as tax returns on an annual basis?


Does my loan payment cover the property taxes for my property?


How can I change the account from which my payments are drawn? (ACH Change)


Can I refinance my first mortgage?


Can I make a loan payment with a check?


What should I do if I sell my business?


Can an SBA 504 Loan be assumed?


What if I'm having trouble making my payments?