5.301% 504 20 year term, August 2018
5.302% 504 10 year term, July 2018


Capital Access Program (CAP)


The Capital Access Program (CAP) is a public-private program that allows participating lenders to create a reserve to protect against losses on loans approved by the lender and enrolled in the program.


Both lender and borrower set aside funds as a reserve and the WBD Advantage Fund, through a grant provided by the Wisconsin Department of Commerce, matches this contribution.


If you have questions please contact Vicki Stone at vstone@wbd.org or give her a call at 920-966-1494.


Additional CAP resources:


For more details on the CAP program eligibility and other information click here.  This is a good place to start.


Other CAP related documents:


Lender Particpation Agreement

Exhibit 1 - Enrollment Form

Exhibit 2 - Borrower Rep Form

Exhibit 3 - Notice to Borrower Form

Exhibit 4 - Claim Form