2.528% and Refi 2.530% 504 - 20 Year Fixed Rate, June 2020
2.602% and Refi 2.603% 504 - 25 Year Fixed Rate, June 2020
2.654% 504 - 10 Year Fixed Rate, May 2020
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I have worked with you before and the bar is set quite high. Nice job.

WBD knows that lenders work hard to grow and serve customers. We also know that sometimes to get things done you need a little help. From getting the best deal for a borrower to minimizing institutional risk, WBD can be your partner in navigating the complicated waters of SBA lending.

Let WBD focus on the SBA details so you can stay focused on your relationship with the customer.

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Program Focus: Owner Occupied Commercial Real Estate and Equipment (Fixed Assets)

Project Size: $250,000 - $10,000,000

Terms: Equipment - up to 10 years (fixed rate), Property - up to 20 years (fixed rate)

Area: All of WI, 14 MN Counties


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An online resource developed in partnership with the Wisconsin Bankers Association. This guide provides up-to-date information on more than 580 sources of funding.


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